Server Features

Each feature listed below is specially designed to give the most balance enjoyable gaming experience.

Epic + Steam Crossplay

We have enabled and allowed epic games launcher to work alongside the steam launcher to play ark survival evolved inside the GamingOGs clusters.

Full Map Cluster

We have made sure that we offer the full maps that ark survival evolved has released this allows all players to take full advantage of the clusters setup.

Military Veteran Program

GamingOGs is the first ark survival evolved community to offer discounts and perks and bonus(s) for our Military Veterans and local volunteer services.

Balanced Settings

GamingOGs provides multiple different maps and clusters that offer a wide variety of settings that are fine tuned and balanced for best gameplay results.

Popular Mods

Enjoy some of the most popular ark survival evolved steam mods on our gaming clusters for the gamingogs servers.

24/7 Active Support

We have designed and setup a system inside our discord server to moderate and track logs 24/7 to provide fast and in real time support to all players.

Cross Cluster Chat

We have enabled cross clustering chat across all our servers this allows you to speak with other players when they are on the other maps.

Auto Decay Plus

We have created a plugin designed to enhance the current vanilla auto decay system this allows us to get better performance results for all players.

Discord Admin Logging

We have created a system where all admin commands and actions are logged into a public channel in discord this helps document admin actions.

Anti Meshing Plus

We offer a plugin designed to enhance the current anti meshing this helps prevent players from abusing and logs any anti meshing into discord directly.

Auto Protection | ORP

We offer player protection when they first join the servers so they have a chance to build up we also offer offline raid protection.

Auto Unlock Engrams

We allow all players to auto unlock engrams as they level up to prevent you from having to manually select and unlock the engrams.

In-Game Rank

We offer a in-game rank for all content creators to help promote and market their channels by displaying this shiny rank in-game.

Discord Rank

We offer a discord rank for all content creators to help promote and market their channels by displaying this shiny rank inside our discord.

Monthly Payouts

We offer all high end tier content creators a monthly payout of 25% of all income generated using their affiliate donation url.

Exclusive Discord Channels

Content creators unlock an exclusive discord channel inside the official discord which allows them to give any feedback directly to staff members.

Website Promotions

All content creators who upload or livestream content for the GamingOGs servers will have their content featured on the official website.

Exclusive Access Content

We allow content creators to be the first ones to record/stream the custom content GamingOGs is creating to help increase your channel growth.

Ark Survival Evolved Servers


Crossplay enabled (Steam+Epic)


Crossplay enabled (Steam+Epic)


Crossplay enabled (Steam+Epic)


Crossplay enabled (Steam+Epic)


Crossplay enabled (Steam+Epic)


Crossplay enabled (Steam+Epic)


Crossplay enabled (Steam+Epic)


Crossplay enabled (Steam+Epic)


Steam only


Our discord servers offer fast and quick communication with our players and staff members


Discord is mobile friendly so it works on all devices and is very lightweight its an excellent communication service


Got a question or concern you want staff members to review? Join our discord and create a ticket to contact staff